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Read the epic tale of several hero's with a foot in the tomb as they try to stop the necromancer who caused their deaths


So, I'm starting up a new series of comics, inspired by my old aRtPG series, called Mazanath adventures, its going to be a choose your own adventure style, weekly basis comic where you guys get to decide what our main character dose, and we're currently at the stage where we're deciding who and what our main character is going to be! so yeah, be on the look out for those in the coming weeks, and be sure to participate and spread the word!... because fuck it u'll be pathetic if NO ONE votes at all... well I've got no clue what I'm gonna do :D yay


Sord Cooper
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I'm a comic artist, a game designer, and a writer, here to entertain not because i have to, but because its fun!

...oh, and i appreciate the appreciation, but please dont thank me for a fav or a watch; your art is more than enough :D


Kobalds contest entry by sordcooper2
Kobalds contest entry
an entry for :iconshabazik:'s Koblads contest, i actrually drew this MONTHS ago, but summer work and personal stuff pushed it to the bottom of the pile, where it (and the contest it had been drawn for) sat until tonight! anyway, hope you all like it!


Deep within the belly of the world lives a race of horrible gibbering little creatures, who greedily scrape at cave walls for riches which they can nether appreciate nor comprehend, all the while littering their winding, maze like tunnels with make shift, yet brutal traps and pit falls. These creatures are known to most as Kobalds. Typically standing no more than two and a half feet tall, these pallid verminous creatures are a potentially lethal threat to those who inhabit the myriad caves of the underworld. According to drow myths, Kobalds are all the simply what occurs to dwarfs when the ultimately succumb to their natural greed, or become lost in the caves of the underworld Many dwarf clans on the other hand, blame Drow for the vermin coming into being, claiming that all Kobalds are the descendants of a deviant dwarf clan whom sold their loyalty to the drow, and were cursed by the stone of the earth itself. The denizens the underground world have many shared myths of the creatures however, both believe that they have an innate ability to smell jewels and gold, that they steal naughty children and use dark rituals to turn them into kobalds, and that smearing powdered koblad ear on a cave wall can reveal the location of ore veins.

Most of these myths, are just that. Myths. Kobalds, in fact, are a species of stunted subterranean gobin, though lizard like and bestial subraces are known to exist in some areas. They tend to congregate in clans varying in groups as small as 30 and large as 500. Kobalds form simple social hierarchies, with the strongest or most clever rising to the top in enforcer gangs which adorn themselves with second hand armor and weapons in service of the largest or most cunning Koblad of the clan, who keeps the lesser members of the clan in line, and collect about half of what they gather for the clan leader. Kobalds, for some unknown reason, have an obsession with gem stones and precious metals. Some have speculated that the gathering of gem stones, gold, and silver is part of a mating display, as clan leaders and their enforcers tend to have the largest amount of valuables on their person, or perhaps that kobalds have some sort of simple internal economy, nether theory has ever been proven true due to lack of observation of the creatures.

All in the underworld, however, know why Kobalds can be so dangerous, despite being so small and typically frail. Traps. Kobalds are notorious for their myriad of simple but brutally effective traps. many a dwarf and drow miner has had their lives cut short by a Kobald contraption. However, these traps are rarely well hidden, and typically only kill those unaware of a kobald clan's existence in the area. In a fight, a single kobald is no threat at all, and will almost always flee, however, kobalds follow a simple mod mentality, and will often attack in hordes to make up for their own weakness, typically outnumbering their targets 10 to 1. Their weakness, tendencies to horde valuables, and the ease of avoiding most of their traps makes this species a ripe target for young and inexperienced adventurers who believe that the creatures are an easy target for quick gold, many walk away with great wealth from such endeavors, though just as many underestimate the creatures and never walk away at all.
Alpha Leigon Vacation by sordcooper2
Alpha Leigon Vacation
In the Grim Darkness of the 41rst Millennia there is Only War.... and umbrella drinks

this was inspired by some post game banter with one of my players from the Warhammer 40k pen and paper rpg that I've been running for the past year or so. also im going to try and draw more shit this year. so yeah hope you all enjoy this little bit of silliness while i try and get back into gear
Mazinath Adventures page 3 by sordcooper2
Mazinath Adventures page 3
Our hero's eyes were heavy, and refused to open at first to the sound of shrieking sea birds and the sensation of lapping waves crashing against their feet slowly roused them form their head trauma related nap. The feeling of damp sand against her back and the warmth of the sun comforted their hazy mind, before a sudden jab with something wooden against her arm stirred them from their rest. As our Heroine's many glassy eyes opened, she found herself staring up at a pair of unfamiliar faces, her head still spinning from the night before. They were prattling on about something unimportant, dead this, infernal that, something about sticks. Her body was heavy, and her head was still cloudy, and paying attention to this strange orc and human duo was difficult. However, the weight and stiffness began to ease away from her limbs, and she felt as if she would soon have the strength to answer a few of these inane questions, if not move...
After a close vote with a grand total of 5 people voicing their opinions, our heroine is now a female Infernal! A strange creature who descends form a breed demon (or other abyssal creature), and some one kinky enough to fuck a demon. So! with that set, I hope you all pop down bellow, read your options, and vote! oh, and as always, Enjoy!

1. What character class is our heroine?
    A. Fighter
    B. Cleric
    C. Rouge
    D. Wizard
    E. Ranger
    F. Bard
    G. Other (suggest your own class!)

2. What is our character's favored ability?
    A. Strenght
    B. Dexterity
    C. Intelligence
    D. Wisdom
    E. Charisma
    F. Other (suggest your own I guess?)

First: Mazanath Adventures page 1
Previous: Mazanath Adventures page 2
Next: -------
Infernal character concept by sordcooper2
Infernal character concept

So, i know its been a while since the last update, but i’ve been hard at work figuring out what our protagonist is going to look like! and, after all the votes came in, Infernal Female won! Though, in all fairness the race was a tie, and it came down to a roll. Now, I didn’t exactly have anything in mind when i put infernal on the options list, and at first I was going to just do something generic. Then I thought fuck that! and spend a whole lotta time coming up with something a little more distinctive!

and here she is! our strange psudo-demon protagonist! I hope you all like her look, and with her design sorted out, look forward to the next page (which is coming very soon!)


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